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Phone: +45 97 18 10 88


Hans Petter Lauridsen

Engineering Manager, started at WTT in 1984. Hans Petter has a training background as a pressure tank contractor. In WTT, he has been working as service engineer from 1989-2002, as workshop foreman from 2002-2013 and since 2013 he has made PI&D diagrams, PM, construction of new machines and documentation, and document management of machine drawings and commissioning of production.

Contact Hans Petter: 
+45 40 51 56 15


Michael Olsen Westen

Engineering Design Manager, employed as metal worker at WTT since June 2006. Finished a new education in 2017 as Technical Designer. Michael has a great experience in building different metal constructions and finds it very interesting to create and build all kind of mechanical designs.

Contact Michael:
+45 31 14 65 10


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