full automatic system

First class impregnation of wood in record time

The full-automatic high pressure timber impregnation plant from WTT has been developed with the aim to operate up to 16 hours without supervision. The annual capacity of the full-automatic plants varies from 26,000 m³ to 60,000 m³ of wood.

Durability class insured with minimal work force. The impregnation process insures the wood durability classes 3 and 4 and can be managed by only one operator for 8 hours. The job of the operator contains in just loading and unloading the charging area.

Tilting system. The autoclave is tilted 5 degrees during the process, which facilitates the dripping of superfluous impregnation solvents via grooves and shipways. After exiting the plant through the chain track, the wood packets are tilted transversely at 5 degrees, in order for the solvent to drip off.After approx. 16 hours on the chain track the wood is already dried enough to be safely transported to the storage area. All the rest of superfluous impregnation solvent is lead back to the storage tanks by using the steel plate underneath the dripping area.

How does it work? All information about the wood packets (width, thickness, length and volume) is scanned by a bar code reader and automatically sent to the control system, that chooses the impregnation program according to the information sent. When the process is completed, the data regarding the impregnation date and uptake amount (kg/m³) is returned to the bar code.

Timber impregnation treatment in a fully-automatic system



26.000-60.000 m³ / year


On water-based preservatives

WOOD protection

For classes 3 and 4


EC Pressure Equipment Directive


The autoclave is manufactured in high quality stainless steel and is equipped with side walls (baffles) that reduce the amount of fluid to be pumped in and out of the plant.

The plant consists of two or more storage tanks with an automatic shift between impregnation hazard class 3 and 4 or between green and brown impregnation solution.

The plant is also equipped with a powerful filling and emptying pump that enables the plant to operate under The Lowry process – a process without the initial vacuum phase which reduces the uptake amount from 300 to 150 L/m³.


Key advantages of the WTT full-automatic impregnation:

  • Best option for large volume of wood that needs to be treated in record time – 12 charges within 24 h.
  • Ensures wood protection for classes 3 and 4
  • Can be controlled by only one operator
  • Test run in our factory provided
  • High annual capacity
  • Incorporates the most up to date control system
  • Possibility to access the plant remotely via TeamViewer
  • In compliance with the standards stipulated in the EC Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • Delivered with an EU certificate


Full-automatic system photos

WTT A/S: Full-automatic wood impregnation plant