Creosote impregnation

Wood protection with a century long track record

For more than 100 years, creosote has been employed for industrial wood impregnation. It is used in heavy duty applications for railroad ties, utility poles and marine piling.

The WTT creosote impregnation plant

High and uniform final quality


From 3900 m³ / year


Short treatment time

End use

In contact with earth or water


Eco-friendly technology


WTT creosote plant is designed for the protection of building elements with particular heavy demands, and where special requirements to durability of wood in open area in earth (or water) contact are to be met.

This modern creosote oil process taking place in the plant is tailored for the new types of creosote, which are to be processed at the temperature of 130°C.

Due to the special construction with placing of the autoclave in the storage tank, the filling and emptying timings are extremely short and the loss of heat is very small. This guarantees an optimal penetration and impregnation. An optimal heat transfer is also ensured via a heat exchanger that constantly keeps the impregnating material warm.

The computer-controlled plant is safe for operation and eco-friendly, using a closed cooling system and integrated heating system


Key advantages of the creosote impregnation:

  • Suitable for sleepers, poles etc. in contact with earth or water
  • Short treatment time
  • Eco-friendly

Creosote impregnation photos