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Full-automatic impregnation

Reduce labor cost. Improve throughput. Maximize margins.

Hot Oil Treatment

Combine fast drying with oil and pigment infusion.


Thermal modification

Modification to Durability Class 1 in 12 hours or less. NTR/NWPC Certified.

WTT Engineering

3D Layout, Foundation plan, CE certificate


About WTT

WTT is a unique company for several reasons.

WTT is the only company fully dedicated to and specialized in the wood industry with a full portfolio of both mainstream and niche wood treatment technologies. Each solution suitable for you is presented under our Products page.

Discover our Wood Treatment products

Hot-oil treatment

The process combines fast drying of impregnated wood with an oil treatment. The wood is available in different colours and is highly water repellant.

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High- or low-pressure impregnation with contemporary techniques for all impregnation processes and preservatives for Use Classes 1-5.

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The WTT thermo-treatment process results in a very durable wood, at low temperatures. The process is gentle and it is commercially feasible.

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Significantly quicker wood drying without colour change and crack propagation. Vacuum drying is suitable for all types of hardwoods and larger sized softwoods.

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Creosote impregnation

For more than a 100 years, creosote has been employed for industrial wood impregnation in heavy duty applications like railroad ties, utility poles, and marine piling.

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Full-automatic system

With the WTT full-automatic system, we provide our customers with a smooth modernized operation process that guarantees top quality and minimizes costs.

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Full Automatic Impregnation Plant

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