TMT Workshop, Dresden, Germany

May 28, 2018 | WTT

Peter Klaas and Thomas Mark Venås were invited to the 10th TMT Workshop to give a talk on the development and documentation of ThermoTreat 2.0 thermal modification.

The meeting was held on May 3rd to 4th at Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden, and was attended by 80 delegates.

Peter focused his talk on the theory behind thermal modification and the differences between open and closed systems as well as highlight from the 2.0 technology principle.

Thomas reported on the extensive durability testing work WTT has done with independent institutes and shared data for Scots pine, Spruce, and Beech. Strength data and pH-values were also presented.

There was an open debate and sharing of knowledge throughout the workshop.

With the ThermoTreat 2.0 process Durability Class 1 material can be produced in 12 hours or less at low cost and full control on all process parameters.

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