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ThermoTreat 2.0 exceeds expectations


The first of our second generation thermal treatment units has been running in production since March, and with exciting results. This technology will change the world of thermally modified timber. We promised a 12 hour process for e.g. modified pine or spruce for outdoor use, but are in reality below 8 hours. The modified wood is fresh and strong and does not have the brittle character as was seen in first generation treatments. We are also beginning to explore new products, e.g. thin veneers and several hardwood species with great value adding potential. The quality and the competitiveness in terms of treatment cost pr. volume unit is outstanding and significantly better than any known technology on the market. An important determinant for quality and durability, the equilibrium moisture content (often just referred to as EMC) is consistently superior, with values 30 to 40 % better than existing products for outdoor use.

We have a number of durability tests and other tests underway at an independent test institute, with results being ready in July. We are also planning the international product launch in Q3. Keep an eye on our website for more information to come.