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Contact persons for WTT Service

Sune Lauridsen | WTT Service

Sune Lauridsen

Director Service, started working at WTT in February 2017. Sune has a training background as an Electronics Technician and in Management, with a 20 years’ professional experience as a Service Engineer and Service Manager from the navigation equipment and commercial ships industry.

Contact Sune: +45 23 71 45 26 | sl@wttservice.dk

Torben Pedersen | WTT Service

Torben Pedersen

Service Engineer, is working at WTT since January 2001 and has been with the company for 16 years already, servicing our treatment plants all over the world. Torben speaks fluently English and German and has an educational background as a mechanical engineer. He has more than 10 years’ experience in technical service and maintenance.

Contact Torben: +45 22 16 03 88 | tp@wttservice.dk

Stig Poulsen | WTT Service

Stig Poulsen

Service Engineer, started working at WTT in January 2011. Stig has a training background in of construction and agricultural machines welding and has been in the company for 7 years. Now he is part of our service organization together with Torben and Sune.

Contact Stig: +45 40 51 56 14 | sp@wttservice.dk

Sigurdur Olafsson

Sigurdur Olafsson

Service Engineer, started working at WTT in September 2018 and is now servicing our treatment plants world-wide. Sigurdur has an educational background as Industrial Electrician and has more than 15 years’ experience in installation and maintenance of industrial electrical components.

Contact Sigurdur: +45 81 40 31 53 | so@wttservice.dk

Jesper Hansen

Jesper Hansen

Service Engineer, started working at WTT in April 2019. Jesper has worked with service, repair, and maintenance for 15 years.
He graduated as bachelor of technology in Management and Marine Engineering in 2013. Since then he has worked with systematic preventative maintenance, in order to optimize the uptime of machines and installations. This is also his main task within WTT.

Contact: +45 81 40 31 52 | jh@wttservice.dk