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Contact persons for WTT Office

Peter Klaas | WTT Office

Peter Klaas

Managing Director and part owner, started working at WTT in May 2013. Peter has a post graduate training background in managerial economics and has held senior positions in different companies and industries since 1995. In WTT Peter works with general management, sales and new product development.
Contact Peter: +45 24 95 02 95 | pk@wtt.dk

Thomas Mark Venås | WTT Office

Thomas Mark Venås

Director of Sales and New Product Development, started working at WTT in February 2018. Before joining the company, Thomas has worked 14 years with an accredited test institute. He has an educational background as a forester and has a Ph.D. in wood technology from the University of Copenhagen.

Contact Thomas: +45 40 50 10 88 | tv@wtt.dk

Jakob Jakobsen

Operations Manager Is well known in WTT. He started working at WTT in September 2010 as a Blacksmith, he then moved over to the Service department and became an service Engineer in 2013. From 2015-2016 he was away and then came back in June 2016 as a Trainer and Quality Manufacturing. In July 2018 he became the operational manager. His deep knowledge of both production and engineering makes him an valuable asset.  Jakob is simultaneously taking some Management classes.

Contact Jakob +45 40 51 10 90 | jj@wtt.dk

Anne Rasmussen | WTT Office

Anne Rasmussen

Finance Manager (Bachelor of Commerce) started working at WTT in December 2016 and has an over 20 years’ experience in the accounting and financial area, which she has been strengthening with relevant ongoing education and professional experience from international businesses.

Contact Anne: +45 40 13 70 88 | ar@wtt.dk

Finn Larsen | WTT Office

Finn Larsen

SCM Manager, started working at WTT in May 2015. Finn has an over 25 years’ experience in warehouse management, purchasing and logistics from, among others, 12 years on Greenland and 4 years at Vestas, the leader in the wind energy industry.

Contact Finn: +45 40 50 10 89 | fl@wtt.dk

Alina Alexandru | WTT Office

Alina Alexandru

SCM Planner and Marketing Specialist, started working at WTT in March 2017. Alina is a graduate from Aarhus University, Msc. in Marketing and Business Innovation and she has a professional background in marketing and business administration from international companies.

Contact Alina +45 21 55 31 88 | aa@wtt.dk

Sine Meyer Jakobsen

Sine Meyer Jakobsen

Finance Student Worker started working at WTT in March 2019 parallel to studying BSc in Economics and Business Administration.

Contact Sine: sj@wtt.dk