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Contact persons for WTT Engineering

Hans Petter Lauridsen | WTT Engineering

Hans Petter Lauridsen

Engineering Manager, started at WTT in 1984. Hans Petter has a training background as a pressure tank contractor. In WTT, he has been working as service engineer from 1989-2002, as workshop foreman from 2002-2013 and since 2013 he has made PI&D diagrams, PM, construction of new machines and documentation, and document management of machine drawings and commissioning of production.

Contact Hans Petter: +45 40 51 56 15 | hp@wttengineering.dk

Karsten Kristensen

Senior Project Manager, started at WTT in October 2018. Karsten has a bachelor degree in Production Engineering and had different jobs in Supply Chain Management, PTA and Project Management. For the last 12 years Karsten has been employed in international companies and managed projects within Installation, R&D, Investments, Business Improvement, hard and software.

Contact Karsten: + 45 22 54 13 00 | kjk@wttengineering.dk

Natalja Rudenoka | WTT Engineering

Natalja Rudenoka

Technical Engineer, started working in our Technical Department in August 2016. Natalja finished the practical training at WTT, as part of her education as Technical Designer at Herningsholm Erhvervsskole.

Contact Natalja: nr@wttengineering.dk

Michael Olsen Westen | WTT Engineering

Michael Olsen Westen

Technical Engineer, employed as metal worker at WTT since June 2006. Finished a new education in 2017 as Technical Designer. Michael has a great experience in building different metal constructions and finds it very interesting to create and build all kind of mechanical designs.

Contact Michael: mow@wttengineering.dk