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Sustainability as a concept was developed and understood several hundred years ago by foresters who acknowledged that if you have rotation ages in a tree stand of a hundred years, several generations would need to look after that stand before anyone could harvest it.

Every year you can take out a small volume of timber as long as the natural increment is higher. If you clear-fell an area you would need to replant it, if the forest was to remain sustainable.

Wood is a sustainable building material provided it is grown in a regenerating forest eco system and used wisely according to its properties. The energy that goes into producing and transporting wood is very competitive towards other materials.

The sun, rain, CO2 from the air, and nutrition from the ground, is all it takes to make wood.

A key factor in building with wood is the service life. The longer a wood product is in service, the longer the carbon from CO2 is stored.

Sustainability is in focus in all WTT processes. We design timber treatment facilities that can increase the service life of a given wood commodity ten-fold or more compared to untreated wood.

Using modified or preservative treated wood is a sustainable choice.